Podcast Episode 81 – Building Ponds

In this podcast I talk about building ponds/dams. I relate our recent project of building a pond and incorporate it into a podcast on the subject. I am also not shy about our mistakes and lessons learned from our own experience. Ponds can be a great asset to the homestead: aesthetics, irrigation, livestock watering, recreation, aquaculture, wildlife attraction, water for pollinators and more…

For the worldview segment I talk about the cultural debacle that is typified in Caitlyn Jenner. I give no condemnation on him personally but more of a critique of the culture. With his claim of being the “new normal” he (the culture) has made the historic Christian position on gender and sexuality abnormal. With him coming out of the closet, Christians are expected to go into the closet.

Scripture of the day: Hebrews 12:1

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