Podcast Episode 102 – Teri Page – Homestead Honey

In this podcast, Monica and I interview Teri Page, author, wife, homeschooling mom, and homesteader.

In October, 2012 her family of four packed up from their Oregon homestead of 13 years and moved next door to their good friends in Northeast Missouri, where they are building a radical homestead on 10 acres of raw land. They are creating and cultivating organic gardens and planting food forests while they build an off-grid, 350 square foot tiny home.
Their decision to move to Missouri and start a brand new homestead was not an easy one, but it came from a strong desire to live in close community with friends, to own a piece of land on which they can grow their own food and live in harmony with nature, and most importantly, to live simply and without debt, so they can spend more time as a family, doing what they love.
Living without debt has meant some pretty radical lifestyle choices. For example, they lived without electricity for over a year and a half before installing a solar electric system. They also live without running water, using rainwater catchment and their homestead pond to meet all of their water needs. Teri recently wrote an eBook that describes all the details of their off-grid lifestyle. It is titled: Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead.
To find Teri Page and her book Go to www.homestead-honey.com.

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