Color Code of Awareness

In the worldview segment, we talk about how in humanism, because there’s no fixed moral standard, the ethics and values necessarily change over time. I cover this in the reading of the Humanist Manifesto two.

For the main topic, I cover Jeff coopers famous color code of awareness.

White: Sleeping or lacking all awareness of surroundings.

Yellow: Relaxed awareness of your surroundings. You are alert to people and things 360 degrees around you, and can identify an approaching threat in time to respond. (This is the prime state to remain in)

Orange: Heightened awareness triggered by a specific sound or sight. At this point start looking for escapes and be decisive on what route to take if the situation escalates.

Red: A threat is imminent or in progress. Carry out the decision made in code orange with aggressiveness and speed.

Matron and Maiden talk about the importance of including children in the upkeep of the house; more specifically, the kitchen.

“Our warfare is not with flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places, against the world rulers of this darkness. Let us then stand firm and heed the trumpet of the Lord. Satan is fighting, not against us, but against Christ in us. We fight the battles of the Lord. Be strong therefore. If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Martin Luther


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