Episode 116 – 3 Excellent Fertilizer Teas

On today’s podcast we look at three fertilizer teas. If you are trying to stay away from chemical fertilizers then this podcast is for you. We talk about comfrey, rabbit manure and vermicompost tea! All of these teas work great. Make sure you either have your own source or get them from a trusted source where you know how they were grown/raised.

Comfrey tea (for plants) is simple to make and great as a fertilizer tea. For a very simple start just fill up a container, like a 5 gallon bucket, about 2/3 full with comfrey leaves and add water. Let sit for around three weeks and you are ready to go. Dilute the concentrate with 50% water and you have a great fertilizer to use on your plants.

Rabbit manure tea is simple to make and highly beneficial for plants. You can go simple or complex. Start simple. Use a ration of 1 part rabbit manure to 5 parts water, let sit for seven days and it’s ready to use. If you want to speed up the process aerate by stirring a few times a day or adding an aerator. When ready to use, dilute by using one cup of manure tea to one gallon of water.

Vermicompost tea (worm castings) is another easy to make fertilizer for plants. Take a couple handfuls of worm castings (poop) and add water. If you stick to the same 1/5 ratio as rabbit manure you will do just fine. Let sit for 1-3 days and it’s ready to use on plants. Again, you can speed up and perhaps, increase the beneficial microorganisms by aerating and/or feeding the solution with a sugary substance like molasses.

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