Home and Family Protection Part 1

in today’s podcast I start a series on home and family protection. This is a huge topic that is near and dear to my heart based on several real world experiences that I will share through out the series. Today I begin to talk about the concepts and principles of home and family protection. How do you prepare? What is possible and what is probable. I start by diving into the dreaded home invasion. Even though in many places this is not probable it is a great way to prepare. If you are ready for an armed home invasion you are probably going to turn away the criminals that are simply looking for easy targets.

in the worldview segment I review the Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle that has practically turned into a way to prosecute people for their faith instead of protect their constitutional rights (it’s outrageous that we even need such a law). This “law” protects no one for their religious convictions. Essentially, America has turned into mob rule instead of rule of law. Christian, beware, you must stand on the truth of the Word because trial and tribulation is coming our way.

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