Podcast Episode 111 – Permaculture Herbs and Guilds

In today’s podcast Monica and I discuss our Medicinal Guild Project as well as our thoughts on Permaculture and the Modern Medical Industry.

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Permaculture is a methodology and design science thatis made up of many techniques. It is also very much a way of thinking that is pretty much the opposite of commercial agriculture or even “traditional” gardening. It seeks to reduce inputs and mimic nature as opposed to artificially controlling every aspect of agriculture. We give some thoughts on the subject.

Modern medicine is not all bad. Western doctors are the best in the world at patching people up but they are terrible at disease prevention. Somehow we have gotten to a place where doctors treat the symptoms but rarely address the problem.

We give a detailed update on our medicinal guild. We talk about element location, preparation, planting and much more. We also discuss some of the uses of goji, calendula, chamomile, and comfrey as an example of some of the plantings in the guild.

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Here is a great reference book for putting together guilds: Gaia’s Garden. And here are some links to the medicinal herbs talked about today: Goji Berry, Calendula, Chamomile and Comfrey.


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