Podcast Episode 120 – Sun Oven: Solar Cooking and More

On today’s podcast Monica and I interview Paul Munsen, the president of Sun Oven International. We discuss solar cooking as well as some of the great things his company is doing in developing countries.

Paul and his Sun Oven are improving the health of indigenous people in developing countries by harnessing the power of the sun instead of burning wood, charcoal, or dung to cook food. From Paul’s website:

“The acrid smoke from cooking fires subjects women and their children to levels of smoke that at times are often 100 times above the international safety standards. This results in 3 deaths a minute, totaling over 1.6 million deaths each year.”

“The use of SUN OVEN® solar ovens reduces the amount of acrid smoke from cooking fires by up to 70%.”
From a preparedness perspective the Sun Oven is extremely valuable. And in this podcast we cover all the great things that the Sun Oven is capable of doing including: cooking, baking, boiling, steaming, purifying water, sterilizing equipment, dehydrating, sprouting, using it as a “wonder box” for heat and cold and much more!

We, at The Prepared Homestead own, use, and love our Sun Oven. We are affiliated with Paul and Sun Oven International because we believe it’s the absolute best one out there. Paul has generously offered our listeners a $70 discount on the entire Preparedness & Dehydration Package by using our affiliate link.

We will be following our podcast up with a webinar which allows Paul to give a how-to class and answer any questions. If you’d like to register for the free webinar, please contact us and we will make sure you’re on the email invitation once the date is set.

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