Thomas Kidd – Religious Liberty Advocate

On today’s podcast I interview Thomas Kidd – Religious Liberty Advocate. We discuss many different legal issues to include the ongoing cultural battle surrounding same sex marriage. We talk about the likely decision and implications of that opinion. More importantly we talk about how Christians should respond.

For the worldview segment I discuss some of the quotes and exchanges that have recently occurred between Justices and the US Solicitor General regarding same sex marriage.

Thomas W. Kidd, Jr. LLC is a law firm serving the needs of southwest Ohio with offices in West Chester and Kenwood. His West Chester office is centrally-located in the heart of southwest Ohio and is conveniently located to potential clients living and southwest Ohio.

Thomas W. Kidd, Jr. graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Miami in 1992. Wanting to practice .law in Ohio, he continued his education and graduated from the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in 1996. He passed the bar and started practicing law that same year. He founded Thomas W. Kidd, Jr. LLC in 2004 As a former assistant prosecuting attorney with crucial experience prosecuting adult felony and misdemeanor crimes as well as juvenile delinquencies, he immediately began defending those accused of crimes to guarantee their rights under the Constitution.

He is also an ally of Alliance Defending Freedom and a member of the Christian Legal Society

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