Water Strategies For The Homestead

In today’s podcast, Monica and I talk about building a comprehensive water plan. We start by talking about some very important principles to guide your plan: observe, start at the highest point, start small and simple, slow, spread and soak water, manage overflow and treat like a resources and more…

Within those principles we talk about many strategies from water conservation, gray water use, filtering, swales, ponds, soil infiltration and much more.

This is a very important podcast that most people, if honest, would have to admit complacency.

Here are a couple of simple products to improve your situation immediately:

The following is an easy way to build water storage in case of emergency. This is not comprehensive but a good start. Click Here to view.

We love our Berkey! It is the best on the market in our opinion. A very simple system that is highly effective.

disclaimer: We are Amazon affiliates so if you buy this book via this link you will be helping support The Prepared Homestead, so thanks for taking a look.

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