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Podcast Episode 105 – David Kershner – Post Apocalyptic World Author

In today’s podcast we talk David Kershner, who is a post apocalyptic world (PAW) author. We have an interesting discussion about the central question he poses in his books:

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Podcast Episode 74 – Gregg Carter – The Rural Economist

In today’s podcast I interview Gregg Carter: homesteader, writer and entrepreneur. He gives us insight into the Micro/Cottage business model and shares the benefits and challenges of

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Podcast Episode 51 – Convention of States – An Imperative!

In today’s podcast our worldview segment turns into the main topic as I discuss the Convention of States. This an article V of the Constitution movement that is absolutely imperative that

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Podcast Episode 43 – Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics

In todays worldview segment I explore the bizarre world of the federal reserve. I look at the way the federal reserve is creating inflation and wanting to do this as their end goal, and how this is harmful to the middle class. For … Continue reading

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