Episode 124 – What is the Prepared Homestead?

On today’s program, Monica and I discuss the purpose of The Prepared Homestead. We talk about several aspects of our operation and what they mean. We discuss what preparedness means and our approach to the concept. We talk about what it means to homestead. A lot of these terms have a wide array of meaning depending on the approach. We feel that homesteading means you are actively working on some level of self-sufficiency and production from your land. It doesn’t mean a certain percentage level you are achieving but more of a mindset or a way of thinking.

Community interdependence is a healthy concept and we promote and recommend this be developed. At the same time, community interdependence implies a certain level of independence or self-sufficiency. The two are not mutually exclusive or contradictory. In fact they work together synergistically.

Ultimately, we do what we do so that people can experience and embrace liberty and freedom. We seek to counter the steady march or statism through dependency.


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