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Podcast Episode 88 – Is It Worth It To Raise Meat Chickens?

Today Sean and I discuss the importance of scheduling your day for maximum productivity and continue our overview of ‘isms’ by covering the subject of

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Podcast Episode 62 – Permaculture, Homestead and Backyard Chickens

In this podcast I talk about chickens! They are a great addition for anyone from the urban dweller to the large homestead. Raising them as an integrated part with all the other elements of a home/homestead is how to best

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Podcast Episode 13 – How Much Land Do I Need?

In this podcast, I read AW Pink’s lengthy introduction to his book The Sovereignty of God. Pink addresses who God is in a straight forward manner uncommon today. Awesome book, I highly recommend it. For the main topic I tackle the question: … Continue reading

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