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Podcast Episode 95 – Listener Questions

In this podcast, Monica and I answer listener questions ranging from:

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Podcast Episode 77 – Home and Family Protection Part 4

In today’s podcast I return to the series on home and family protection. In this part 4, I talk about some considerations outside of the home. I use some basic situations to

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Podcast Episode 18 – Color Code of Awareness

  In the worldview segment, we talk about how in humanism, because there’s no fixed moral standard, the ethics and values necessarily change over time. I cover this in the reading of the Humanist Manifesto II. For the main topic, … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 12 – Back to Eden Film

In this podcast, I discuss the unconstitutional ordinance being used in Coeur d’alene, ID with regards to forcing ministers to marry same-sex couples. I take a listener question on

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