Podcast Episode 96 – Food Freedom With John Moody

In today’s podcast Monica and I talk with John Moody from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTC). Our discussion centers around food freedom and FTCs significant role in this fight to remove government interference between the small farmer and the consumer.

“John Moody is a husband, father to four, small farmer, author, and speaker. After serving on the board of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, he was asked to serve as interim Executive Director and now full Executive Director. John has participated in the small farming and food freedom movement in many ways over the years, serving as administrator for one of the largest local food buying clubs in the nation (Whole Life Buying Club), standing up with the members of that buying club to unjust enforcement actions to deny people their access to real food, protesting the FDAs harassment of farmers and people seeking real food, and speaking across the nation on matters related to food, health, and farming.” Farmtoconsumer.org

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