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Podcast Episode 96 – Food Freedom With John Moody

In today’s podcast Monica and I talk with John Moody from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTC). Our discussion centers around

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Minute with Mon – The Lost Art of…Yogurt-Making

Before we moved to the mountains of idaho I made yogurt, I made bread from freshly ground grains, I even made kombucha and kefir water, we’ve even tried our hand at brewing beer but honestly, none of it was second … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 11 – Homestead Update and Money Saving Tips

In the worldview segment I discuss the fact that 35% of Americans are in some stage of debt collection. This greatly highlights the rampant materialism in America. As Christians, should we be living differently? For the main topic, Monica and … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 4 – Property Design (part 2)

Today’s podcast I’m going to discuss the idea of justice, using what is happening in Ferguson Missouri . In my main segment I will be evaluating the important subject

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