Podcast Episode 117 – 5 Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

Today’s podcast covers the important subject of creating multiple streams of income. We are not focusing on making these things your primary or only source of income, rather we are trying to get you thinking about ways you can add an income to an activity you already do on your homestead/farm to diversify your income streams. We only give five ideas to get you started brainstorming, but there are MANY more out there –

1)Selling eggs – we discuss pricing, reasons it makes sense, and ways to add value

2) Processing wood – do you have a log splitter (or strong teenagers)? This is one way you can easily make a little extra money. Especially as winter looms closer!

3) Poultry & Rabbit Processing – This totally makes sense if you are working toward self-sufficiency, if you’ve invested in a defeatherer why not help pay off the investment and get more proficient at processing by making extra income butchering other people’s birds?

4) Plant propagation and nursery – Starting 20 plants is not much more work than starting 1. If you are interested in starting your own trees, herbs, annuals, or perennials yourself, take advantage of starting extra to turn around and sell for profit.

5) Canned goods – there is a HUGE market out there for cottage foods. Selling fresh berries is a good income, but selling prepared jams and jellies makes even more income. This is an added value product!

As always, with all these suggestions you need to know what your particular state and county regulations are. Don’t just stop with these ideas, use them as a jumping off point. We know every person has a different property, different skills, different interests, explore ideas within your world and have fun doing it!


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