Sovereign Sonrise Academy

On today’s podcast Monica and I discuss the launch of Sovereign Sonrise Academy. We talk about the who, what, when, where and why of this venture as well as the launch of a sub-venture which is Sovereign Sonrise Worldview Academy which is an onsite Academy where you Liv and work with us for 8.5 months focusing on these three pillars: Christian worldview, entrepreneurship and skills. This is a much needed alternative to the standard “college” track that world purports as the “way” to success and happiness but in reality rarely adds value to one’s life. This alternative is for home/high school graduate Christians looking for another path.

In the worldview segment I talk about West Wind Acres legal battle against a tyrannical state. Trumped up legal and regulatory charges against small farmers based on a system that says that Confined Animal Feeding Operations are fine but small farmers raising animals on pasture must meet ridiculous standards. One of the 12 charges is that there waterers that were frozen (during winter in New York). This kind of state tyranny must be fought. Here are links for today’s podcast: (consider giving a small amount) (check out our launch)

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